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Do-It-Yourself Mold Kit

Impression Mold Kit
Top & bottom mold kit in photo
The Mold-kit is purchased separate from your grill. A Mold of your teeth is required to make your grill and you can buy one here with your credit card. It comes with everything you need to make a mold of your teeth. We include step-by-step instructions, mouth piece, measuring cup and powder.
Important: Read the instructions and watch the video below before you mix the powder with water. It starts to harden right away.
Choose a mold kit below depending on if you want a top, bottom or full grillz.
"Single" TOP Teeth Mold Kit Only $ 19.95
"Single" BOTTOM Teeth Mold Kit Only $ 19.95
"Double" TOP & BOTTOM Teeth Mold Kit Only $ 39.90
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We do not perform dental procedures and are unable to make an impression of your teeth in person. You must purchase a do-it-yourself mold kit have or have an impression created by a licensed dentist (according to Florida law). We will not be held responsible for loss or damage whatsoever caused resulting from you sending us your personal valuables. We will refund 100% of your grillz purchase, upon request, if the grillz has not been made and your order is less than 3 months old. No refunds will be given on completed grillz or if we have not received your impression after 3 months.
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