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The best gold teeth grillz in the world.
Krunk Grillz will make your teeth get krunk!
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1. Pick Your Grillz
Pick out a grill and customize it just the way you like it. You can even draw out your own custom diamond-cut design and mail it back with your mold. Then, Put your grillz in the Shopping Cart and click the "Buy Now" button. Follow the check-out instructions to print your order.
2. Mold Your Teeth
We need an impression of your teeth. You can make a mold yourself with our do-it-yourself kit or visit your local dentist office. Either buy your mold kit with your grillz or Buy a Mold-Kit before you buy your grillz. We will ship your mold kit first, then wait for you to send it back.
3. Mail your Mold
Pack your mold securely in the mold kit box and take it to your Post Office or UPS Store. Include a copy of your grillz receipt (or money order) and we will start production as soon as it's received. It usually takes 3-5 biz days to complete, then you'll receive an email with a photo and tracking#.
Gold Teeth Grillz
Gold Teeth Grillz
Gold Teeth Grillz
Gold Teeth Grillz
"Put your money where your mouth is" with gold grillz from Krunk Grillz. We have been customizing grillz since 2008 by Miami.. and NOW YOUR HOOD. Our gold grillz will get you noticed on the streets and clubs. We got only real gangsta grillz custom designed and fit for you. Our jewelers have over 20 years of experience customizing gold grillz. We only use the finest gold and platinum and our custom gold grillz are guaranteed to fit and last. Krunk Grillz ships worldwide and our friendly staff will answer all your gold grillz questions and help you place your order.
Grillz on TV Gold teeth have been around for hundreds of years and are still hot. Gold teeth grillz are currently one of the hottest trends in fashion. Krunk Grillz was recently featured on SpikeTV's Ink Master TV show. Click here to watch grillz in the news.
We will send you a mold-kit to make an impression of your teeth, mail it back, and we build your grill for you. The process only takes a couple weeks from "click to crunk". BUY A MOLD KIT - Our detailed instructions will help minimize mistakes and save you a from getting your impressions done by a dentist. All of our custom grillz come with quality guarantee and they are made from REAL gold so they last longer! Read more about the Grillz Process.
Remember, gold grillz symbolize success! Those cheap gold teeth shops that sell fake gold grillz just tells people your broke. Get grillz from the Original Gangsta Grillz and be proud! Get a gold grill, custom fit for your mouth, without leaving your house, with a guarantee, only at Krunk Grillz! We make custom grillz for real street hustlas. Get your gold grill with some diamond cuts (by drawing them out and mailing the paper back with your mold) or choose our popular Gold Teeth Grillz.
Grillz Cleaner & Polishing Cloth
Krunk Grillz gold grillz are made in the USA and sold worldwide. In order to maintain your Lifetime Warranty, keep your grillz clean with our exclusive grillz cleaner & polishing cloth. Worldwide shipping
We ship grillz Worldwide!
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"Our reputation is on the line to make your grillz shine" with a gold grill from Krunk Grillz. Here at Krunk Grillz we have been revolutionizing the gold grill making process for a almost a decade! Our master jewelers have been making gold teeth and grillz for 20+ years and we have thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world. Our customer service is unsurpassed and we can help you on the phone, email or in person.
We maintain the highest quality standards throughout the whole grill making process. From our state of the art ordering system to ensure you receive your grill reaches your mailbox. The process only takes a couple weeks from "click to crunk". To our variety of gold teeth grillz, Fangs, 10k gold grillz, 14k gold grillz, 18k gold grillz, 24k gold grillz, white gold grillz, yellow gold grillz, rose gold grillz, silver grillz and platinum grillz. If you want iced out diamond grillz, we got you too.
Some grillz you can get from those other guys can fall out, hurt your teeth, stain you teeth, crack or only bling for a short time. It's time to "Get Krunk" with Krunk Grillz. We make your grillz starting with pure 24K gold, then mix our own dental quality metals to ensure you will receive the exact karat. We also stamp the back so you know what karat you purchased. We stand behind our products with our Krunk Grillz Exclusive "Limited Lifetime Warranty" to protect against defects in craftmanship. We guarantee your grillz will fit and shine hard as long as you send us a good mold of your teeth and you clean and polish your grillz with our grillz cleaning products.
We are the one, and only, Krunk Grillz and we make the best gold teeth grillz. Our gold grillz shine the hardest and last the longest. When you get tired of buying that under-karat custom gold grillz from those other guys, shop with us for quality gold grillz. Krunk Grillz has it on lock for yellow gold grillz, white gold grillz, rose gold grillz, silver grillz or platinum grillz. You can get custom iced out grillz. Diamond grillz vary depending on color, cut, clarity & carat so please contact us for a quote. Our specialty is the original style gangsta grillz. Look at our selection of gold teeth by clicking on the "Buy Grillz" tab. Make sure you get your mold kit today by clicking on the "Mold Kit" tab.
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We do not perform dental procedures and are unable to make an impression of your teeth in person. You must purchase a do-it-yourself mold kit have or have an impression created by a licensed dentist (according to Florida law). We will not be held responsible for loss or damage whatsoever caused resulting from you sending us your personal valuables. We will refund 100% of your grillz purchase, upon request, if the grillz has not been made and your order is less than 60 days old. No refunds will be given on completed grillz or if we have not received a good mold within 60 days of transaction.
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