How to Make Gold Grillz

1. Grillz Style

Pick out a grill and customize it just the way you like it. You can even draw out your own custom diamond-cut design and mail it back with your mold. Then, Put your grillz in the Shopping Cart and click the "Buy Now" button. Follow the check-out instructions to print your order.
Grillz Options

2. Mold Teeth

We need an impression of your teeth. You can make a mold yourself with our do-it-yourself kit or visit your local dentist office. Either buy your mold kit with your grillz or buy it before you buy your grillz. We will always mail your mold kit first and wait for you to send us a mold of your teeth.
Mold Kit

3. Mail Mold

Pack your mold securely in the mold kit box and take it to your Post Office or UPS Store. We will look up your order in our system and start production shortly after. It usually takes 3-5 biz days to make your grill and you'll receive an email with a photo of your new grillz along with a tracking#.
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Process of Making Grillz

Customizing gold grillz is an extremely intricate process performed by a team of professionals. It takes a lot of skill and experience to create a custom mouthpiece. With Krunk Grillz you don't have to worry about the technical side of grill making. You can get your custom grillz made just for you and delivered straight to your doorstep.

First, to make a custom set of grillz, Krunk Grillz will need a mold of your teeth. You can get a dental impression done at your local dentist office or you can skip that trip to the dentist … we have simplified the mold making process so you can make your own dental impressions right at home.

If you are getting a top set of grillz you will need a top mold kit. For a bottom set you will need a bottom mold kit. And for a top and bottom set, the top and bottom mold kit. Your mold kit will have your mouth trays, IMP powder, ROC powder, a measuring cup, mixing sticks, and an instruction brochure.

You can either buy your grillz and mold kit together or purchase your kit first and your grillz later. If you are placing separate orders you can get started by buying your mold kit right here.

Ordering your Grillz

To order your grillz, the next step will be to go on over to our grillz section and choose your design. We have lots of designs to choose from. They are all custom fitted to your teeth. When you find the design you like, just click on the picture to place your order.

Now, on the order screen you can customize your grillz by making your selections. For top and bottom sets you will have to add your top to your cart and then go back and change the Teeth Row to bottom so you can add that to your cart also. You will see both in your cart, then you click the pay button.

Here is an explaination of each of the checkbox options:

  • Add Top (or Bottom) Mold Kit: This allows you to purchase your mold kit at the same time as your grill. You will need a mold for each row you are getting a grill. We will ship your mold kit first and wait for you to mail it back before we start production on your grillz.
  • Deep Cuts: We will cut between the teeth and curve slightly so it appears you have permanent individual gold teeth caps. The grill will still be connected in the back to maintain comfort and secure fit in your mouth.
  • Protective Coating: (Silver, white gold and platinum only) We will coat your grill with rhodium so it protects the metal from tarnish. With this coating, you only need to use soap and water to clean your grill. Jewelry cleaner is not necessary. This typically lasts for months to years depending on how well you care of your grillz.
  • Extended Fangs: We will extend your 2 K9's to give a vampire or wolf appearance. If your grill already has extended fangs by design, checking this box will give you long extended fangs.
  • Backer Bar: If you decide you want to separate your teeth so you have one or two on each side of your mouth, keeping your front teeth uncovered, then you need a backer bar. This strip hides behind your front teeth and connects both sides to ensure a secure fit. Without it, your caps might not stay in place. When doing this, use a sharpie to mark which teeth you want covered on your mold before you mail it back to us.
  • Gift Box: Receive your grillz in a white gift box tied with elegant ribbon.

After making your selections click on Add To Cart. If you are purchasing a top & bottom set go back to Buy Grillz to customize your second set then, add that to your cart as well. Verify that your order is correct, then click on the PayPal & card logo to check-out.

On the next page, you will have the option of logging in to pay with your PayPal account or using a credit or debit card. Follow the instructions to complete and print your order. We will always mail your mold kit first & wait for your finished mold to make your grillz.

When you receive your mold kit, watch our mold kit video here before starting. Then, follow the instructions in the mold kit brochure to make your mold. You can save the box to ship your mold back to us.

You will have to cover return shipping. When we receive your mold your grillz will go into production. Grillz are ready within a week on average. As soon as your grillz are finished we will email you a picture along with the tracking number. Grillz require signature confirmation to be delivered. When you get your grillz, ease them off the mold, rinse them in warm water then snap them in... Bling! You are officially #KRUNKGRILLZ

Feeling really Krunk? #krunkgrillz shots of you rockin' your new grillz or email pics to us.

grillz warranty
Get a Real Gold Grillz with a Warranty!
It only takes 3 to 5 business days after we get a mold of your teeth... and you will have a REAL Gold Grill. It could be sooner or later, it depends on how busy we are, holidays or acts of god.