Single Gold Tooth Caps

How do I order individual caps?

Individual caps can be ordered one cap at a time. If they will be on the same row in your mouth you would add a single cap to your cart, then in the cart, update the quantity. If, for example, you wanted 2 single caps for your fangs, you would select single cap on the order screen, make your selections, then add that to your cart. gold tooth caps When your shopping cart pops up change the quantity to 2. On the other hand, if you want separate caps on separate rows, like one on top and another on bottom you would order a single cap for the top, add it to your cart, go back to the order screen and change your teeth row selection to bottom, then add that to your cart as well.

How do I note which teeth I want done?

When you finish your mold, mark the tooth you would like done using a permanent marker.

Will they stay in place?

Our grillz are compression fit, meaning they wrap around your teeth and apply slight pressure to keep themselves in place. The straighter your teeth are the more likely single caps won't stay in. In these cases, a dental adhesive such as Poligrip can be used to keep them in place. When we receive your finished mold, we will give you a call if for any reason we believe a single cap might be a problem. If you are getting 2 or more single caps on the same row we always recommend attaching a backer bar.

What is a backer bar?

A backer bar runs behind your teeth to attach your separate caps. gold fangs backer bar It is not usually visible. If you have gaps or crooked teeth, you might notice a nice gold sparkle from behind your teeth. For an order example, if you wanted your two canines done, you would select two teeth and check the "backer bar" option. The backer bar will help ensure you have the tightest fit. When choosing this option, use a permanent marker to mark the teeth you want gold on your finished mold, prior to shipping back to us.

Do I need a backer bar?

A backer bar is not required, however HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You can order individual caps by adding a single cap to your cart and then change the quantity in your cart.

Can I order individual caps for permanents?

We do not install permanents, but we can custom make you a permanent "cut" pull-out set. To get a permanent look, you would select Deep Cuts in the checkbox options. Deep cuts give you the look of individual caps and you will still have a full set of grillz that you can easily put in and remove. This helps prevent loss and damage to the caps.